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Muscle Cramps- Excruciating Pain (Causes and Solutions)

Another name for Muscle Cramps is Charley Horse. It can occur in any muscle but most commonly seen in legs (Calf Muscles). A sudden catch in a muscle with agonizing pain which may last for few seconds or minutes.

Possible reasons for Muscle Cramps:
1.    Overuse of muscle
2.    Any injury
3.    Doing  any physical activity of which you are not used to
4.    Poor blood circulation to the muscle
5.    Exposure to extreme temperatures
6.    Standing on hard surface for long time
7.    Bad sleeping postures
8.    Sitting for long time
9.    Excess of calcium deposition in muscle due to aging process ( Ca+ deposition causes tightening of muscle )
10.  Monthly Menstruation cycle
11.  Menopause
12.  Dehydration
13.  Medicines for diabetes and for high cholesterol (Such medicines leads to decrease in fluid levels of the body)

Expert advice to get relieved from muscle cramps 
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Solutions and Prevention;

Recurrent cramps and extreme condition require doctor’s advice

1.    Drink plenty of fluids
2.    Avoid or stop drinking alcohol
3.    Strengthen your muscle with good quality of exercises
4.    Avoid sudden increase in exercise
5.    How to treat during its onset!!!
a.     Gentle stretch to the muscle
                            i.     In case of calf: straighten your leg and stretch your foot towards your body or stand up on your heels
b.    Apply heating pad for a while
c.     Slow and gradual massage to the muscle in one direction (starting from up to down direction)

Pay attention to your Food to prevent Muscle Cramps:
1.    Magnesium rich food
a.     Mg+ helps to relieve pain, reduces tension in muscle and decreases swelling or inflammation
b.    Sources;
                                                             i.      Raw spinach
                                                            ii.      Pumpkin seeds
                                                           iii.      Almonds
                                                            iv.      Kidney beans
                                                             v.      Banana
                                                            vi.      Dark chocolates etc.
2.    Potassium rich food
a.     K+ is a mineral, most important electrolyte for muscle contraction. Its deficiency might be the reason for the Cramps
b.    Sources;
                                                             i.      Avocado
                                                            ii.      Acorn squash
                                                           iii.      Spinach
                                                           iv.      Sweet potato
                                                            v.      Wild-caught salmon
                                                           vi.      Dried apricots
                                                          vii.      Pomegranate
                                                         viii.      Coconut water
                                                           ix.      White beans
                                                            x.      Banana

Extra supplements of Potassium and Magnesium should be taken as per advice of doctor.

A person would experience charley horse once in a lifetime.

Recurrent muscle cramps require proper guidance and treatment.
Call us for help. We are here for better counseling.
Extreme level of cramps may require surgery, then it’s time to consult a Doctor

Expert advice to get relieved from muscle cramps 
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