Thursday, 10 August 2017

Blow off your elbow pain

Blow off your elbow pain
(tennis elbow)

Get rid of your elbow pain by using best self-care techniques. No medications or no steroids are required.

*    Are you having pain in your outer part of elbow while twisting the key?

*    Is shaking hand with client has become so painful?


*    Are you not carrying your child due your elbow pain?     


*    Are you tired of wearing uncomfortable welcrow straps and brace?

*    Is lifting a bucket of water for bath has become difficult?      

*    Does your elbow say “please stop” while making a chapati or roti?

*    Are you disturbing your upper arm and shoulder due to your elbow Pain?

*    Did your doctor suggest for steroid injections?


*    “Doctor says surgery for your tennis elbow, same way as SACHIN TENDULKAR has gone through” are you kidding!!!! Do you have a pocket full of money like him?


If your answer is “yes “to any of questions asked above then i will tell you what has been happened to you;

This is known as Tennis Elbow (pain in outer part of the elbow).

It is not necessary that this will happen to tennis players only.

This can happen with a housewife, a desk job worker, a cook, a computer worker, a teacher, as they all have a work which makes repetitive forearm muscles movement.
Prolonged and repetitive movement leads to inflammation of the point from where these muscles arise.

Occurs due to overuse of your forearm (extensors) muscles.
This will lead to pain in outer part of your elbow (side away from your body)
Very common condition, yet not to be ignored.

Overuse of muscle could involve repetitive and prolonged lifting, gripping, pinching, turning a jar lid or door knob or key, making a dough etc.
More frequently occurs in dominant hand.

Caution: do not confuse other condition with tennis elbow. Tennis elbow pain can be localized at the outer part of the elbow i.e., bony prominence out there. If you have pain rather than this site then you may have other problem.

If you are awakened at night due to this pain

If you are not able to sign on a cheque

If you are facing problem in lifting your mug full of milk

Let me tell you one thing, you are not alone!!!!!!!!!

Now you probably are wondering
Will this type of elbow pain go away on its own or is it more serious condition that needs to be evaluated by your doctor?

First of all, if you have severe symptoms and even not able to extend your arm, then you required doctor’s attention!!!!!!!!!

But if you don’t have money tree out back, then it’s time to think smarter and strategically.

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Self care solutions:

There are some techniques, some home remedies which can help you to get relief from this tennis elbow.
Techniques which are very easy but very effective and useful
  1. 1    Smash and out hand throw

a.     Now you are wondering that these are terms used in tennis game, what is the significance of using these words in this treatment!!!

b.     I will tell you!!! This is a technique through which you will get rid of your elbow pain. To try follow instructions

                                                              i.      Take a tennis ball (or any object that can be thrown like stone or a pen) in affected hand
                                                            ii.      Throw the ball as if tennis player is smashing the ball with racket or as if cricket bowler is doing a bowling
                                                          iii.      You can also throw ball by the side of your body as a tennis player hit the ball in outside shot
                                                         iv.      Repeat these throws for several times, at least for 5-7 minutes twice a day

  1. 2.     Potato pack

a.      to make a potato pack, to get rid of elbow pain follow the points

                                                              i.      Boil 2 potatoes
                                                            ii.      Pill off its skin and mash the potatoes properly
                                                          iii.      Take mashed potatoes in a dry thin cloth
 (Your potato pack is ready)
                                                         iv.      Wrap it over painful elbow
                                                           v.      Repeat this thrice a day until your pain gets relieved

If above mentioned things are not working, we have an extraordinary solution

Go for PRP (platelet rich plasma) –the natural healer

  1. 3.     Pen massage

a.     How this can be done!!!

                                                              i.      Take a pen
                                                            ii.      Apply a cream or any lotion over the bulk of forearm of affected side
                                                          iii.      Rub the pen over the bulk of your forearm
                                                         iv.      Rubbing should be done in only downward direction, pen should not be rubbed hazardously
(You can also use a blunt edge of stainless steel bowl instead of a pen)

  1. 4.     Sleeping postures

a.     Wrong sleeping posture will worsen your pain at night
b.     That will disturb your sleep

                                                              i.      I will show you correct sleeping posture

  1. 5.     Rubber band exercise

a.     Take a rubber band (thick band or take 3-4 rubber bands)
b.     Place it around your fingers as shown in figure
c.      Keep your hand over a table
d.     Take your wrist upwards
e.     Gather your fingers
f.        keeping your wrist in upward direction open your fingers as if you are showing “5” with your fingers 

g.     30 repetitions thrice a day
(Be mindful of doing this exercise slowly, especially while gathering the fingers)

If above mentioned things are not working, we have an extraordinary solution;

·       No medicine
·       No steroids
·       No surgery

Go for PRP (platelet rich plasma) –the natural healer (not a pain killer)…!!!

*   PRP(platelet rich plasma)

PRP is totally nonsurgical, antidrug and natural procedure.
Viroc is advanced in PRP (platelet rich plasma) like any other techniques in the field of orthopedic the most successful and helpful technique for healing in such conditions.